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JCL Advantages

1. Massive information resources

2. Professional, team unity and sincere cooperation

3. Perfect, flexible, standardized service models and processes

4.Long-term long-term service mechanism, as well as cooperation tracking service
5. Excellent communication and the ability to execute
6. Flexible to adapt to all kinds of unexpected situations adaptability

About the JCL science

JCL science is composed by a unity, capable and professional team, headquartered in Tian Jin, China. Its members are committed to the medical articles translation editing; review Contributors services in the past few years; and also dedicated to the organization, communication and cooperation of national medical meeting. Participation and organization of meetings of more than 100 games in mainland China, to participate in the international conferences more than 20 times in 2010 to 2011... Read more...

Our Location and Operating HoursFind

Our address:
Jing Ye Dao, Nankai,
Tianjin, China
Mon. to Fri. 9am to 5pm
Weekends 9am to 12am

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