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JCL Business

Medical Editing Service

The JCL Science Editing Team is composed of ten North American scientists with PhD degrees. Each of these scientists has published biomedical articles for more than 10 years. We further employ five Chinese physicians and researchers (Master of Medicine or Doctor of Medicine degrees or PhD) who translate Chinese manuscripts into English. Following translation, North American scientists conduct an initial, free-of-charge evaluation of Chinese manuscripts which includes a plagiarism check and an assessment of the manuscript quality. Once a manuscript passes initial evaluation, JCL Science is committed to a publication rate of 95%. Thus, regardless whether the manuscript is sent to us in Chinese or English, JCL Science will conduct an initial free-of-charge evaluation, with the subsequent editing ensuing only when the manuscript passes initial evaluation for plagiarism and quality. In the subsequent editing, the JCL Science Editing Team will perform a professional grammar and substantive editing. We strive to improve both the language and scientific presentation of research data. We give advises to the authors regarding control groups, the use of statistical analyses, or graphical representation of research findings. Finally, our Editing Team formats the manuscripts for submission according to the guidelines of the journal of authors’ choice.

International Conference Service

JCL Science has a wealth of experience of co-participating in or organizing biomedical conferences. JCL Science provides high quality expert service in consulting on hosting of a biomedical conference aimed to initiate and strengthen international cooperation. We can invite internationally recognized scientists to present their work during the conference.

Biomedical Laboratory Techniques Service

Biomedical Laboratory Techniques Service provides scientists with access to biomedical equipment, documentation on analytical tests, or with third-party specimen testing. With a wide range of tests available, scientists are able to obtain accurate and reliable data which will facilitate their research and subsequent publication of research findings.

Academic Exchange and Cooperation Service

JCL Science has access to a wealth of international research and medical facilities. We facilitate academic cooperation between Chinese and Western academic institutions. Principal activities include short-term visits and on-site training of Chinese scientists in Western academic institutions, and lectures of Western scientists in China.


Our Location and Operating HoursFind

Our address:
Jing Ye Dao, Nankai,
Tianjin, China
Mon. to Fri. 9am to 5pm
Weekends 9am to 12am

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