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Submission to a Science Citation Index (SCI) journal

PreparationFirst decide which SCI journal to choose

  • Provide a draft of the cover letter in Chinese
  • Prepare your manuscript in Chinese
  • Sign and provide other documents (e.g., copyright form) as required by the journal of your choice

Post-submission evaluation by the journal:

Once the manuscript is prepared and submitted to a Science Citation Index (SCI) manuscript, the journal’s Editor will send the corresponding author a confirmation of the manuscript receipt. The manuscript will then be assigned to a reviewer(s) with the expertise in this field. If journal’s Editor and reviewer(s) will consider the manuscript quality as not suitable for publication in this SCI journal, the manuscript will be returned to the authors.

The manuscript will be deemed suitable for publication:

  • If it will be interesting to the readership of this SCI journal
  • If the study’s hypothesis is novel
  • If the methods are appropriate to the study’s hypothesis and experimental data have been analyzed adequately
  • If control groups are appropriate
  • If study conclusions are supported by experimental data
  • If the manuscript is well-written, clear and logical

Revision recommendation

After the review by journal’s Editor and reviewer(s), corresponding author will receive a decision email from the journal’s Editor. This email will outline the decision based on reviewer comments. Generally, there are four possible outcomes for a submitted manuscript:

  • Manuscript is accepted “as is”
  • “Minor revisions” are requested
  • Manuscript cannot be accepted in its current form, but is invited for resubmission after “major revisions”
  • Manuscript is declined

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