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Translation (Chinese to English)

Our medical translators accurately and professionally translate Chinese manuscripts into English. As our medical translators have Master of Medicine or Doctor of Medicine degrees, or PhD degrees, we can translate a wide range of manuscripts, ranging from cell culture through animal studies to randomized clinical trials.

Initial Evaluation

Translated manuscripts undergo initial free-of-charge evaluation to exclude those that do not meet the standards and requirements of the journals listed in the Science Citation Index (SCI). The manuscripts that pass initial evaluation will undergo further evaluation to exclude plagiarism. Subsequently, our Editing Team identifies the manuscript’s weaknesses and provides suggestions for improvement of data presentation. It should be emphasized that manuscripts that do not meet the quality requirements of the journals listed in the SCI are not recommended to undergo further editing.

In-depth Evaluation

We also provide in-depth evaluation of the manuscripts. Your manuscript will be assessed by two experts who will provide critical insights on study design, methodology, results, and presentation style. These recommendations are meant to help you to improve manuscript quality prior to editing and submission. We will assess a potential impact of your research findings and provide suggestions on improving, polishing, and publishing of the manuscript. We will also recommend suitable journals based on specifics of your research findings.

Language and Structure Editing

Our Editing Team will improve English language in your manuscript and provide detailed recommendations on the title, manuscript structure, design of experiments, choice of control groups, data presentation, etc. These comments will be marked per “track change” in the original text. We will further ensure that your manuscript fully meets the requirements of the journal of your choice, such as manuscript structure, labeling of tables and figures, and reference formatting.

Substantive Editing

Substantive Editing assures that your manuscript will read in a coherent and logical manner, and will be easily understood, while retaining the specifics of your writing style. We will help you to present your research findings in a clear and well-argued manner.

Figure Editing

We will utilize specialized statistical and graphics software to prepare or redo figures in your manuscript (pie charts, histograms, stem and leaf diagrams, box plots, trend plots, two-dimensional and three-dimensional statistical analyses, etc). We will further verify that figure resolution (dpi) is complaint with the target journal’s requirements.

Submission Service

We will help you with finalizing cover letter, formatting the manuscript according to the guidelines of the journal of your choice, and submitting the manuscript. We will provide further help with preparing responses to reviewers’ comments and making the requested changes in the revised manuscript.


Our Location and Operating HoursFind

Our address:
Jing Ye Dao, Nankai,
Tianjin, China
Mon. to Fri. 9am to 5pm
Weekends 9am to 12am

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