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Specific steps of the meeting co-operation

1) Preparation

a) Confirm the theme of the conference, scope, and venue

b) Recruit experts in the field

c) Draft the list to be submitted to the General Assembly party audit

The list is modified by the General Assembly and ensures the academic standards of the speaker.

d) Confirm that the final list of invited participants corresponds to the list sent as an official letter of invitation.

2) The Full Preparation

a) Determine the list of experts and participants to send invitations.

b) Determine the final list of experts that confirmed their attendance, follow up their work by providing CVs and biographical sketches. Confirm that flight information is up-to-date. Ensure regular communication with the organizers to timely provide updates on the latest situation

c) Information and data collection period, communicate with the experts, answer their questions

3) Late participants

a) After information is collected, arrange the participants’ matters in accordance with cooperative agreement

4) After the conference

a) We will send out letters of appreciation

b) We will send questionnaires to summarize and optimize the provided services


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