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The specific requirements of the meeting cooperation

1) Preparation

The Conference provides information, solves problems, and fosters and promotes cooperation. It further helps to equalize Chinese medical standards with the international standards. The Conference also serves the purpose of raising awareness to the subject at hand and attracts attention of the global academic community. Therefore, participation of international experts is an important part to the success of the Conference:

a) Issue to the point: the topics of the conference is meeting grade measure, determine the scope of the conference topics and categories is crucial.

b) The level of qualification: level of qualification titles, jobs and work units to be selected, and the second to determine the contents of the article published and its influencing factors

2) The The Full Preparation

Timely, accurate, comprehensive information exchange can be done in the following areas:

a) Immediate update the information of experts and scholars, and the timely submission of required documents of participants.

b) Real-time information shared with the Assembly side, the first time to obtain the latest conference information.

c) Readily available to the participants experts in the latest conference information, if the special needs of the participants experts to make adjustments depending on the circumstances, and rapid communication with the organizers.

3) Late participants

After the Conference, disseminate among late participants the Conference topics, organize flights, confirm return flights to the invited experts. Ensure that no unexpected events will happen.

4 After the conference

We will send out letters of appreciation, as well as questionnaires to summarize and optimize the provided services


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