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How to prove that the article has been accepted

SCI journal editing and publishing are usually two departments; the editor in the publication of accepted articles and sometime need to wait for a long period of time. Once the article has been hired, the editorial office will then send articles of the recruitment letter (letter of acceptance), if the articles get the letter of acceptance can confirm 100% recruitment.Therefore, in general JCL thesis service will end when the letter of acceptance received.


How to identify unworthy thesisediting company

(1)   The company receives all kind articles, involved in a wide range of aspects of what areas are proficient in the "universal company of professional is very doubtful.

(2)   Unable to provide free assessment service initial assessment service is a vital link, some companies are articles receiver is unable to provide evaluation services, in particular, what areas are known as the company can modify.

(3)   Many companies only language editor but not academic editors, because the polish language editor is easy to find, professional field and SCI journal editor with experience is hard to find, also prices are high.


Meeting Easy Forming Problem

1 Change the date of meeting or other information changes

2 Participants expert canceled the meeting cause some unexpected events

3 Participants expert flight information changes failed to timely pick-up

4 Participants specialists need a specific speech time


I am worried that the medical article published reviewers cannot pass

We do not guarantee that your article 100% published before we see it, if we say so is either kick publications or lying to you, but we guarantee after the free online evaluation, we guarantee the article 95% will post.


Whether it is better to choose a high level of publication Articles to published

The authority of the publication really can prove your level of theory is more authoritative, and enhance your prestige.Published in conjunction with your actual situation, such as your ready to released the funding, article quality, time, etc., because the cost is high choosing good publications the publish time is longer,also high quality requirements for the article.


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